Anonymous asked:

Do you have written anything about pregnant!Marlene? Like when she finds out that she is pregnant? Or Sirius finds it out although Marlene tried to hide it? or they both talking about a baby? Or anything like that? (:

b-blackinnon answered:

I have to say that I love pregnant!Marlene with all my beating heart, so thank you for sending me this prompt! I hope you like it. 

"Black!" Marlene shouted from the living room. "Come here, quickly!" 

Strong, heavy footsteps could be heard as Sirius ran to where she was. He came in a heartbeat with widened eyes and a worrying expression. 

“What? What is it? Are you hurt?” He asked anxiously, examining her heavily pregnant body, looking for injuries with his eyes. 

“I’m fine, just thirsty. Can you bring me some water?” Calmly, she asked. 

Sirius lift his eyebrows. “You called me because you’re thirsty? I thought something had happened, Marlene.” He stormed out of the living room and came back with a glass full of water, which he handed to her. 

“Silly of you, I didn’t say anything.” Marlene rolled her eyes. “And my wand is somewhere upstairs, so I needed to call you. That’s all.” She took a sip of the liquid and sighed with relief.

Sirius took a deep breath. “Alright. Do you need something else?” 

“Yes.” She nodded and handed him the empty glass. “Stay here with me for a while. I’m tired of being alone, reading this damn book about children’s names.” 

He sat by her side and wrapped his arm around her waist, carefully. 

“Any good ones?” 

“Nope. They are all as boring as mine.” She sighed. “I don’t want our child to have a common name.” 

“Of course you don’t.” He chuckled, shaking his head slightly. “Let’s wait until he or she is born, then we decide, shall we?” 

“I want some options, but it’s just so hard.” Marlene made a face. 

“Merlin’s beard.” Sirius kissed the top of her head. “You look beautiful worrying about our baby’s name, are you aware of that?” 

“I always look beautiful, Black.” 

“Yes, but mostly now, with that bump of yours.” He smirked. “You’re the sexiest pregnant woman I’ve ever seen.” 

Marlene rolled her eyes and put a hand on her 34 weeks pregnant belly. “Baby, I think daddy needs some glasses. Apparently, he can’t see how huge mum is right now.” 


Anonymous asked:

Can you pleeeaaaassseee write Sirius getting mad (protective mad) at Marlene, because she did something reckless, irresponsible on a mission for the order and got hurt/nearly killed? Thanks<3

b-blackinnon answered:

Here you go! I hope you like it. 

The last thing Sirius saw was her blonde hair disaparating. They had been fighting uninterruptedly since she had got back from her last mission – which she hadn’t told him about.  She was hurt, her arm bleed and he screamed with her completely out of control. It didn’t occurred to him, though, that he should’ve been thankful for her coming back alive in the first place. But he was mad at her; she was uncontrollable, she fought every time she could and didn’t even stop for an instant to consider if he was fine with it. He wasn’t. He loved her.

He knew that now.

Sirius had stopped acting like a reckless teenager the moment he saw an ally getting killed in front of him two months after graduating. Of course he still rode his motorbike aimlessly, he still got drunk with James when they had a chance to do it, but he always had his responsibilities in mind. He felt under obligation to do so as his own family was causing all that tragedy with their bare hands; he felt responsible for those lives the same blood that ran through his veins killed. Marlene didn’t seem to understand that, though.

She fought in order to cease the war, she battled and killed because she was selfish enough to feel uncomfortable living in a fucked up world. She wanted her own peace and she was capable of doing anything to get it – even if her peace waited for her in death.

Still, Sirius felt guilty after he said all of those things to her tired, bloody face. He saw the hurt inside her dazzling blue eyes and yet, he didn’t stop accusing her. Maybe he was done with coping with all that – no one knew how to handle all those deaths every damn day – but Sirius was old enough to be able not to wreak her with everything he held inside his chest.

With those things in mind, he apparated to her.  

“10 minutes” was the first thing Marlene told him with her trembling voice. “I thought you’d take longer this time.”

“You know I can’t.”